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kraal is a tribal settlement where the huts are arranged in a circle for better protection of the community and its goods. our circle represents an infinity of artistic possibilities that creates a modern business structure.

the a.d. village – is the village of art and design where interdisciplinary artists work together to promote and protect the heart of your business through creativity, dedication, and professionalism. in the KRAAL you can find graphic or product designers, scenographers, actors, copywriters, painters, photographers, fashion designers, architects, choreographers and dancers, sculptors but also computer and business geeks. as our client, you will have the opportunity to work with the most suitable professionals for your project.

the KRAAL team and its development will always be one of the main pillars of our business. beyond any process. we all need a healthy and inspiring working environment, where freedom can stimulate creativity and collaboration. our objective is to be flexible and agile inside an industry which generates a lot of frustration when taking into account the working environment of rigid structures. 

who we are

a creative and business community that develops and coordinates projects. the complete structure of the a.d. village consists of associated freelance artists and designers. our goal is to put your business and our work into the spotlight.

we all work under one name and one entity. KRAAL.

who you are


you understand that your company’s image is of paramount importance on the road to success. you want to build strength points for your business. you are always ready to embrace new, contemporary, innovative or experimental visions of art forms. while working with KRAAL you will have a comprehensive client experience and you will not only be the beneficiary of a new wave product but also a patron of a growing artistic community. 

we thank you for that.


you can be an advertising, media, or architecture studio. you have a lot of work and you need support for a specific project. 

come to our village and pick your people.


as a freelancer, you are pretty smart with your time. how about we take care of client acquisition and account management while you focus on your creative process and your glass of coconut juice?

do your job and enjoy it. so will we.

what we do

branding / ad campaigns / consultancy / brand audit / social media management / programming & websites / graphic design / logo design / city identity / typography / posters / illustration / animation / copywriting / photography / videography / music / radio ads / dance / theatre / scenography / costume design / fashion / painting / sculpture / architecture / interior design / product design

+ everything that we can create inspired by the 7 Arts and mathematics.

why us


you can benefit from a young team specially tailored for your business. we will determine which KRAAL members are best suited for the complexity and objectives of your project. this process involves you directly. you will take part in a creative ping-pong between us and yourself.

everything is done under KRAAL coordination. we will be your single point of contact, directly responsible for your project. we guarantee the achievement of your goals, as well as maintenance and support for your business.


we will offer you new contracts and a better negotiation of your fees. we can give you a working space and all the necessary tools. efficient management and legal risks are covered by KRAAL.

as a freelancer, you will be able to focus only on your project. we’ll manage the accounting, administrative costs and stress, and also the difficult process of client acquisition. you will get permanent support from our creative village community, and you’ll also have access to our library. you will be able to choose the people you want to work with, but also the way you want to work.

you will maintain your freelancer status. we respect your independence.

how we do it

our organizational culture is ethnically defined and backed by a fluid and efficient management system, which transforms our creative village into a guarantor of our shared values.

we all vouch to promote ethics within our working relations. we strive to live and work according to our values and principles:

+ authenticity in relation to ourselves and our creations.

+ fairness in relation to our clients and collaborators.

+ impartiality and tolerance in relation to others.

here are the values, skills, and behavior patterns that we agree upon and want to promote. the more you relate, the more we want to know you.


we respect ourselves. we respect others.

we respect personal autonomy and decisions, both internally and externally.

we appreciate creative independence and mobility in terms of work.

we’re rational.

we work hard, but more importantly, we work smart.

we are self-disciplined.

we are supporters of responsible freedom.

we value following our instincts and common sense over getting stuck in rigid rules.



we are proactive and always willing to contribute.

we identify problems and solve them.

we help people and colleagues become better.

we think long-term.



we value people’s physical, mental and emotional health.

we respect life.

we provide feedback in a way that will make others feel safe and share a smile.

we will always find the right time to communicate sensitive things.

we practice kindness.



we encourage transparency in decisions and use it as an ever-useful tool.

we respect our deals, we want to receive and deliver excellence.

we value correctness – financial equity based on competence and efficiency.

we build our reputation on skills.

we value work.

we don’t compromise with our ideas.

we solve disputes of any kind through communication, with candor and empathy.

in the creative circle of KRAAL, we all have each other in sight. 



we are open to learn.

we are willing to learn from mistakes and understand that we can not evolve without them.

we believe in critical thinking and constructive debate. it’s ok to disagree as long as you bring arguments and do not block decisions.

we listen to each other with an open mind.

we encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone and give up your idea for a better one – which may also be yours.



we respect the environment. we interact with it responsibly.

we are economical. we recycle. we do not waste time and resources. 

we are always looking for sustainable solutions.

we enjoy the present and build the future with care and optimism.

these principles apply to life and, above all, to everyone’s work. feel free to express anything. we enjoy diversity. personal preferences are personal. we are a community based on common sense and freedom, but when we work together we act according to our shared ethics code.

KRAAL culture is about responsible freedom, flexibility in decisions, focus on learning, agility, and the ability to do things that come naturally without setting a restrictive framework.

we constantly strive to improve the organizational culture of KRAAL. we value the well-being of the people that come in contact with us as well as the interests and the ethics of our creative village. 

where we bada bing ba da boom

we believe in our creatives, in their power to change things for the better, and in the capacity of our creative village to act as a responsible community. together we will co-create the business formula for success.

we support mobility of any kind. the KRAAL village is based in Bucharest but our freelancers are ready to work from anywhere. the lights are on. the vibes are good. the pencils are sharpened.

everything is set for your brand to rock.